5 Things Everyone Should Be Able To Do On Their Computer

There are certain things that everyone should be able to do on their computer. These basic skills are the fundamentals for using a computer and for keeping your computer working properly. If you do not already possess these basic skills then you might want to devote a few minutes to gaining them.

System Maintenance

You should be able to perform certain basic system maintenance tasks on your computer. These are basic programs that you run that help your computer to keep running as well as it should. They free up extra space in your computer's memory and just do what it takes to maintain your computer's speed and overall usability. Whether it's general disk cleanup or defragmentation these are essential skills. They are not difficult tasks either. All you have to do is click on the right icon and these tasks take care of themselves.

Antivirus Software

You should be able to use your antivirus software. Of course, you will first need to have antivirus software on your computer but after that you will have to be able to use it. Again, you do not need to have in-depth knowledge as to how this software works or how to target specific threats. A cursory knowledge of how to run a complete scan on a regular basis is enough. Many programs will scan your computer at regular intervals anyway. You just need to be able to run your own and deal with threats to your computer when they come up.

Word Processor Programs

You no doubt have some sort of word processing program and your computer. To put it simply, you want to be able to use it. You may wish to type up something for work, start on your novel, or just type out a letter that has that professional appearance. You may need to create a resume and you will need to be able to use your word processing program well enough to create one that makes it look like you are an ideal candidate for any job. Whatever you wish to do, you should have at least a passing familiarity with and be able to use your word processing program.

Get Online

You should be able to get online. How you do this exactly will depend upon your computer, your internet connection, and other such things but it is never difficult. You should also be able to get to web sites once you are online. Typing in the right web address is a simple task but for those who have never done it before it may seem complicated. You may think that everyone knows how to do this but you would be surprised.

Send E-Mail

Along with getting online, you should be able to send e-mail. This is a popular and fast form of communication these days and you want to be able to do it to stay in the loop. This is the final thing that you should be able to do. At the very least, you can send an e-mail to ask questions about the other basic computer skills.

Tom Rheinecker writes posts on where to get a master in computer science.


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